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The Experience

We are dedicated to long-term partnerships with healthcare professionals. Through our Gore MEDICAL MASTERY Series, we offer learning opportunities designed to stimulate peer-to-peer collaboration in an open forum. Your expertise and participation, combined with our comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art technology, will inspire a stimulating experience intended to help fulfill the promise of successful patient outcomes.

Participation Highlights:

  • Peer interaction
  • Open learning forum
  • Hands-on experience
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • “I would definitely recommend a Gore MEDICAL MASTERY Series to a colleague. The workshop was perfectly organized and well explained with significant repetition for learning.”

    Alex Trevelev, MD
  • “I was able to interact with the engineers and have all of my questions answered.”

    Jeff Arts, MD
  • “The talks were excellent.”

    Mamata Alwarshetty, MD
  • “The general interaction between surgeons was superb. It is interesting to hear the various ways similar pathologies can be treated.”

    John Jones, MD
  • “The Advanced Thoracic Symposium was of great value. I enjoyed the discussion and interaction around the pitfalls and traps associated with TEVAR. Before the symposium was even over, I texted my partner with ideas.”

    Kent Webb, MD
  • “The open discussion between experts is invaluable.”

    Dan Drake, MD
  • “The Advanced Thoracic Symposium facilitators have substantial experience that provided valuable information based on that expertise.”

    Benjamin Drinkwine, MD
  • “I enjoyed the Acute Symptomatic Workshop. It offered small group discussions coupled with complicated and interesting cases.”

    Patrick Battey, MD
  • “The Gore MEDICAL MASTERY Series provides direct exposure to the experts.”

    Charles Ross, MD
  • “The advice provided during the course helped to address problems that are common to all of us.”

    Steve Arnason, MD
  • “The EVAR Complications Symposium taught attendees how to approach a case and then how to deal with complications.”

    Sendhil Krishnan, MD
  • “The opportunity to interact with faculty is excellent.”

    Gustavo Cardenas, MD
  • “I appreciate how the symposium facilitates the opportunity for aggressive learning. During the EVAR Complications Symposium, I learned about different methods for endo fixes.”

    Robert Garrett, MD
  • “The best part of the workshop is the interaction with other surgeons.”

    Richard Eubanks, MD
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